What is a security system?

The most basic definition of any security system is found in its name. It is literally a means or method by which something is secured through a system of interworking components and devices.

Our main goal on this field is to provide our clients by a full secure design and support it by high performance and reliable equipment to ensure a fully secure area with high possibilities.

Surveillance System
  •      The most important part on the security field is the surveillance system. On this part We are working with more than one manufacturers company in order to expand the options for our clients.
  •      The companies that we are dealing with are a competence companies on this field
  •      Our company provide Analog and digital systems with heavy duty equipment that provide high performance and HD photos with many communication possibilities that make the surveillance system to be interfaced with other systems to work as one system.
  • The systems that can be interfaced with the surveillance system are:
A- Access Control
   - Biometric Systems
   - Gate Systems
   - Vehicle Access Systems
   - Barcode Scanner Systems

B- Building Management Systems
 This can be done by a Management Server and by a ports on the cameras themselves to connect the above systems with the Surveillance system.
 We can provide a products that achieve any required system for monitoring such as:
    - Industrial field
    - City security field
    - VIP security
    - IT field
    - ANPR (Automatic numbering plate     reorganization)
  Storages, servers , NVRs, DVRs, and other accessories considers the data transmission and saving as a high priority task to ensure never losing data.

Communications of Network
We have wide possibilities for Network communications depending on the site infrastructure such as:
1- Over air:
     A- Microwave
     B- Wi-Fi
2- Fiber optic
     A- Over head
     B- Under Ground

Inspection Systems
This is no secret for every one, the current situation that countries passing by these days, which prompting the need to an equipment that can protect human safety, Architecture landmarks and infrastructure.
We care on this field to make a partnership with a companies that careful of manufacturing products that ensure a full detection and totally secure the areas that need to be secured and also a companies that keep updating the software and hardware for any new hazards.
The fields that we can cover on this part are :
1- X-Ray Inspection systems :
     A- Hand-Held Explosion detectors devices
     B- X-Ray Explosive detection system for cars
     C- X-Ray Explosive detection system for Buses
     D- X-Ray Explosive detection system for Trucks
     E- X-Ray Explosive detection system for Trains
     F- X-Ray Baggage scanner system
     G- Under vehicle inspection system
     H- Hand-Held and walk-through metal detectors

2- Jamming systems
     A- Cars Jammer system
     B- Portable Jammer system
     C- Stationary Jammer system
3- Tracking systems
     A- Persons tracking systems
     B- Cargo tracking system
     C- Infrastructure security system
4- Physical security :
     A- Armored vehicles for VIP protection
     B- Ballistic Material supply
     C- Construction Security
     D- Hydraulic Bollard System
5- Secure communications
    A- Encrypted cross-platform Communication

6- Counter Monitoring
    A- Digital bug detection/Counter Monitoring system
    B- Handheld bug detection/ Counter Monitoring device

7- Special Purpose Dogs