IRAQI-Cloud provides specific solutions and services to Educational Institutions that take the availability of quality education to the next level.
The fast pace of progress in the 21st century requires organizations in all sectors to adopt advanced information and communication technologies to stay on track towards their business goals. Schools and Universities are no exceptions, and IRAQI-Cloud can help your institute to take advantage of the latest ICT technology to that end.
Many developing countries have a huge potential for utilizing information and communication technology in education, because there is an increasing demand for education but at the same time a lack of high quality trained educators. E-learning, Tele-classroom, interactive learning, and other similar technologies have emerged as the tools that will enable educational institutions to raise the quality and the quantity of their offerings to the next level.
IRAQI-Cloud has a comprehensive program to provide solutions to educational institutions that integrate new technologies with curriculum. In addition to system design and implementation, we provide special training to educators, since they must have a good grasp of the technology being used and its advantages over more traditional methods.
Below are three major elements of our program.

Smart Classrooms
Today's students in the workplace are increasingly being asked to work in teams, collaborating to solve problem. These experiences are not highly centered on in the traditional classroom, but are twenty-first century skills that can be attained through the incorporation and engagement with technology. This calls for a classroom where students and teachers interact through applications with educational media in a variety of forms.
We turn traditional class rooms into "smart classrooms" where multi-media presentation tools such as large screen TV's, theater style sound systems, multi-media computer systems, etc. are retrofitted and are coupled with a feedback system.
Our solutions are designed to ensure smart classroom functions - including interactivity at almost any level of complexity – can be readily emulated anywhere without dedicated facilities or expensive, specialized systems.

Through the effective integration of information technology and the curriculum, E-Learning creates an ideal learning environment using modern means of information technology. This in turn brings about a new learning style which emphasizes the role of students in education, and transfer high quality education to large numbers of personnel.

IRAQI-Cloud provides advanced E-Learning solutions from major providers such as Adobe and Blackboard that include authoring tools, real-time collaboration, curriculum management, and reporting capabilities. Our solutions improve educator efficiency, promote social and mobile learning, and offer integrated digital content. We team up with our clients to design and implement the solution that fit their specific needs.
Mobile Classroom
Schools that are able to provide technology within the classroom are able to expose their students to a new means of learning, while the students in lower socio-economic schools may miss out on these experiences. In addition, engaging students in interactive classrooms by seeking their feedback increase their retention of the material presented.
As part of IRAQI-Cloud program to bring new technology to schools, we build solar powered mobile classroom units. The units are equipped with smart-classroom equipment, satellite link and other systems for a complete remote interactive learning environment, creating the opportunity to provide the highest quality medical care at the most remote locations.
In addition to full virtual Smart Classroom capabilities, Mobile Classrooms can be customized to be used by governmental and non-governmental organizations and private companies for other uses, such as:
  •      Classroom to conduct off-site classes and training
  •      Training by companies for new products and services
  •      Employee training
  •       Mobile science lab, research lab or computer lab
  •       Mobile museum or art gallery
  •       Mobile computer lab
General Solutions 
 Technologies on campus such as WLAN that accommodate the use of portable computing and telephony devices are essential support for the University's educational mission. The primary values of this new infrastructure include increased mobility, safety, productivity, and convenience.
IRAQI-Cloud general ICT solutions provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to schools and universities in support of their educational mission. Before implementing a smart classroom project, IRAQI-Cloud will design and install a robust, high-performance, secure infrastructure to accommodate high bandwidth, large files, and large number of simultaneous users typical of a multimedia environment. Each solution will be tailored for the specific case and needs, therefore passing our client with the highest ROI.

  •       Wireless Networks
  •       Wired Networks
  •       Network Security
  •       Data Center
External Communication
  •       Broadband (VSAT)
  •       IPBX and VoIP
  •       Videoconferencing
Safety & Security
  •       Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  •       Access Control
  •       Fire Alarm Systems
  •       Public Announcement & PAGA
Business Management
  •       Employee Attendance Tracking
  •       Inventory Management