IRAQI-Cloud Has systems for data collection from sensors and controllers in the field, in a refinery or an offshore platform for remote supervision and control purposes has been utilized in almost every facility in the Oil and Gas industry and its value is well appreciated. M2M devices collect field operation data by high accurate transducers, and then send the data to the control center through a communication means that include:
  •       Normal routers (cabled),
  •       Wireless systems
  •       VSAT communication (such as BGAN).
IRAQI-Cloud offers the latest technology in SCADA systems from prominent vendors such as Motorola, Emerson and Siemens. Teaming with our partners, we provide complete service and a turnkey solution. Our Solutions provide for:
  •       Low power consumption
  •       Compact size
  •       Versatile communication options
  •       Diverse connectivity
  •       Mission critical & ruggedized systems
Fleet Management
IRAQI-Cloud tracking, control and communication solutions for the oil & gas industry enables them to manage every aspect of the fleet and individual vehicles to prevent unauthorized or excessive use, protect their cargo from theft, and provide safety to their crews.
Some of the functionalities of our Solutions are:
  •       Asset and sensor monitoring and control
  •       Text Messaging
  •       Vehicle & Driver performance
  •       Cargo Monitoring
  •       Vehicle Telemetry
  •       Fleet Management
  •       Remote worker safety
  •       Field data collection
  •       Field force automation
Wireless Tank Farm Gauging Systems
A major safety and process management challenge in a petroleum or chemicals tank farm is keeping up to date information from petroleum and fuel tanks, such as fuel level, possible leaks, gas buildup level, loading and unloading, pump flow rates and vibration, valves, etc IRAQI-Cloud Tank Farm Gauging solutions deliver the full range of tank farm and terminal monitoring solutions to address safety and environmental compliance, performance, and maintenance challenges.
We offer systems for new installations or for upgrading existing installations with aged wiring, obsolete measurement instruments, or proprietary gauging systems.
Some of the benefits of the new technology in tank farm gauging and management systems are:
  •      Lower costs by avoiding cabling, conduit, junction boxes, wiring panels, and cable racks.
  •       Save time and money since engineering is minimized and costly site surveys are unnecessary.
  •       Shorter installation time associated with laying of wire and trenching.
  •       Reduces startup time to a few hours.
Mobile Workforce
For active personnel who are constantly on the move from one location to the other and need continuous or on-the-fly connectivity to main office or anywhere else, IRAQI-Cloud offers Broadband to Go and Mobile Office solutions. These solutions are based on BGAN satellite communication systems and allow connectivity from anywhere to anywhere in the world using the Inmarsat satellite constellation. The systems transmit location information to the main office as well as providing voice and data communication.
General Solutions
 IRAQI-Cloud presents custom designed ICT solutions and services to oil and gas companies. Site survey, requirements analysis, design, procurement, implementation, testing and commissioning, training and maintenance, and upgrading recommendations form a complete end-to-end process that we go through for every customer. Below is a brief description of what we have to offer to our customers in the oil and gas industry.
  •        Broadband (VSAT) Networks
  •       Wireless Networks
  •       Wired Networks
  •       Network Security
  •       Data Center
  •       Information Systems
  •       Mobile VSAT Solutions
  •       IPBX and VoIP
  •       Videoconferencing
  •       Radio Communication
  •       Terrestrial Microwave Link
Safety & Security
  •       Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  •       Access Control
  •       Fire Alarm Systems
  •       Public Announcement & PAGA
Business Management
  •       Employee Attendance Tracking
  •       Inventory Management