IRAQI-Cloud have been providing ICT systems and services to governmental organizations for many years. From web portals to data centers and infrastructure, and large VSAT networks, we have designed and implemented solutions that surpassed the expectations of our customers. Our renowned after-sale support is another reason for having many satisfied customers in public sector. Below are just some of the solutions we offer government agencies.
Specific Solutions
Fleet Management
Many government agencies operate large fleets of vehicles and other movable assets of various types. Law enforcement agencies, utility companies, municipal service departments and fire departments are among institutions with heavy use of large number of vehicles and machinery
IRAQI-Cloud fleet management solution automate the monitoring of health and operation of vehicles and equipment by gathering and transmitting data about their functioning status and early warnings of developing problems before a catastrophic failure occurs.
 Some of the functionalities of our Solutions are:
  •      Asset and sensor monitoring and control
  •      Text messaging
  •      Vehicle & driver performance
  •      Cargo monitoring
  •      Vehicle telemetry
  •      Fleet management
  •      Remote worker safety
  •      Field data collection
  •      Field force automation
In today's society, there is increasing demand by citizens and businesses for on-time customized service from public sector institutions, in an age which is marked by production and exchange of huge volumes of information. The complexity of government-citizen and government-business interactions cannot be handled without utilization of the latest technology in information creation and distribution on the internet. The E-Government portal systems have been invented for this purpose.

IRAQI-Cloud can custom design and build high grade portals for government agencies that take their current business processes to the next level and integrate them with existing E-Government infrastructure. We have also collaborated with governments in developing plans to initiate E-Government portals from scratch, and have the resources to implement large web applications in national level

Workforce Management
Workforce location tracking and attendance solutions give the necessary monitoring and control of employees and field workers to government agencies and public sector institutions that is required for scheduling for highest organizational productivity and at the same time ensuring personnel safety.

Employee managers can see the location of every employee on the map and communicate with them on the fly. This is another way to speed up the processes on the job site and assign new jobs to the in a way that optimizes time and cost efficiency. Safety of the personnel is also guaranteed by constant monitoring the location of personnel near hazardous areas.
 By collecting attendance and sign-on data, managers can better manage the work hours of their employees. Historical attendance records are kept for administrative and accounting purposes.

Mobile Agency
Mobile emergency response vehicles create the capability to establish communications in any location over wired, wireless, mobile radio, and satellite networks. Public safety and security field teams need constant communication in a variety of formats for on-time response to incidents.

IRAQI-Cloud offers state-of-the-art mobile technologies from Cisco and Motorola that extend a unified communication from the patrol vehicle to command center. In-vehicle devices, mobile laptops and even smart phones are linked seamlessly in our solutions. The network is versatile enough to include IP video cameras, scanners, printers, and VoIP phones.
Our solution delivers services to the field over wireless networks. It enables personnel in their vehicles to securely access central databases. Constant communications is maintained with the agency's central network over a secure and reliable in-vehicle network, giving field officers the confidence to rely on the information and the great flexibility and collaboration to do their job.

Command & Control
To cope with complexities of today's community safety and security, public agencies require network-based capabilities to tie together their different security and communications systems, automate incident detection and response, and enable collaboration with other government and private organizations. They typically use multiple networks, including Trunk Radio, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and satellite communications technologies. Consolidating these networks into a unified Mission-Critical Network platform for command and control optimizes emergency operations.
Using the technologies from our partners such as Cisco and Motorola, IRAQI-Cloud can help these agencies plan, design and implement command centers that integrate information from multiple sources (data, voice, video) to create actionable intelligence. These centers provide the emergency management team with up-to-date situational awareness, actionable intelligence, and decision support tools.

Mobile Command Center
IRAQI-Cloud and its partners designs and builds mobile command centers of different size and for various agencies.
Communication is provided by one or a combination of the following systems: a dedicated VSAT with a redundant set standing by, powerful terrestrial radio equipment (HF and VHF), wireless access point with 300MB/s throughput. Network security is accomplished by using Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution. Voice and Video conferencing, live tracking of mobile units on area map, monitors to show video signals from CCTVs and other sensors on the scene, can all be installed in a convenient arrangement to accommodate long hours of operation for the staff.
The command centers can be fitted into vehicles or customized containers. Furniture and equipment are designed to order, and installed and tested by T-TECH professional staff.

General Solutions 
IRAQI-Cloud array of ICT solutions and services can be scaled to accommodate any size local or national government organization. Our professional staff works with our client's IT personnel to design and implement custom solutions for solving particular information and communication problems of the client agency. Our solutions that can benefit government institutions are:
  •       Mobile VSAT Solutions
  •       IPBX and VoIP
  •       Videoconferencing
  •       Radio Communication
  •       Terrestrial Microwave Link
Safety & Security
  •       Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  •       Access Control
  •       Fire Alarm Systems
  •       Public Announcement & PAGA
  •      Security Scanners
  •       Electronic Turnstiles​

Business Management
  • Employee Attendance Tracking
  • Inventory Management