IRAQI-Cloud Audio & Video provides clients with commercial AV systems such as conference room design, restaurant sound systems, and outdoor commercial audio. We also design and install corporate audio video systems like meeting room AV systems, training room AV systems, and audio visual systems for banquet halls, council chambers, and event centers. Other services we provide include 70v commercial paging systems, telephone and network data cabling, CCTV surveillance systems, retail audio systems, and commercial audio systems for outdoor venues, schools and churches. We also are an authorized reseller for several specific commercial AV products that we use in our own system designs, as well as, resell nationwide. Our commitment to these commercial product lines are based on their reliability and our own extensive testing of the devices in the field. These AV products include our wireless interactive presentation system, the LifeSize Icon 600 video conferencing system, the Evoko meeting room manager, Clarus glass whiteboards, Bogen commercial sound systems, Atlona commercial video systems, and Brightsign digital signage players.
PA (Public Address System)
​The history of Public Address (P.A.) systems has started in ancient Greece where amphitheatres were designed so well that even the turning of pages by an orator could be heard in every seat. Panasonic P.A. systems combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, microphones and speakers to bring this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces. With these equipment so carefully designed, it looks as good as it sounds.
This unbeatable combination of auditory and visible quality has made Panasonic P.A. systems the choice of acoustic professionals for more than forty years. Innovations spanning the full spectrum of Panasonic electronic expertise now make them better than ever, whatever your application is.

Would you like to soak up that exhilarating movie experience without the smell of stale popcorn, sticky floors and other noisy movie goers?  TV Solutions can bring that experience straight to you in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  We can help personalise your Home Theatre experience to create that electric atmophere, right from your favorite couch.


Are you tired of waiting for that movie to stream over the congested WiFi on your Smart TV?  Do you need an extra data or phone point in the bedroom or office?  Get setup for on demand streaming services now.  Upgrade your wifi connection to a high speed cabled Cat 6 Ethernet connection to your TV, and leave your slow wifi for dead!

TV Solutions can install new or additional Ethernet LAN (Data) and Phone points, using quality Category 6 cabling, to pretty much any room in your house. Call us for a customised solution and free quote now.

Got issues with your home WiFi?  We can help you with that too..  Whether you get poor signal or slow connection speeds, we can optimise your signal to ensure your WiFi is working at it's best

Whether you want your TV professionally Wall Mounted with all cables concealed neatly in the wall, or your TV setup on a benchtop and tuned, TV Solutions can help you out.  We'll come to your house and help you get the most out of your TV.  We offer a range of Wall Mounting packages using a variety of wall mount brackets to best suit your indivdual needs.  Need an extra antenna point? data point? or HDMI outlet installed behind your TV?  No problems, TV Solutions can get it done.   

Don't risk damaging your walls, your new TV, or your family!  Incorrectly installed TVs on wall are dangerous!  Call us now for a free quote, you'll be surprised how economical it can be to get your new TV professionally and safely installed.

Home automation is the way of the future.  You'd be surprised what our homes can do for us at just the push of a button.   All operated from the convienience of your smart phone or tablet, even when you're not at home!  Contact us to find out which solutions are best suited to your personal needs.