Archiving system - Prime Minister - Article 140

Document archiving system This system analysis and design of our company with Iraqi cadres The software includes document archiving management include: Software used 1. Database type Oracle 10g including the application of the strength of design and efficiency in the performance and security of high to prevent the unauthorized entry from the outside or nappy on the data from the users themselves and the distribution of powers on them 2. Software designed by Oracle developer 6i This application is strong in terms of design models and reports and a few people who know how to work it, including the possibility of high design and speed in the query.   System Details 1. Save the documents by scanning them using the scanner device and storing copies in a structured manner within the storage facility that is easily accessible 2. Linking documents through the interface containing information about the book used to inquire about the document and can be changed this information during the processing period in order to ensure compatibility with the requirements of the Department concerned 3. Indexing how to store documents inside and storage driver 4. Provides access to any document stored in indexed and easy ways 5. The documents can be displayed on the screen or printed copies of them 6. Linking the documents with their documents so that any document or accessories can be easily accessed 7. The program works on more than one user starts with six users and can increase their number at an additional cost 8. The system provides assistance programs to help the system administrator to give the authorities to the users and make backups when the request in addition to the system is equipped with software to back up working at certain times without any interference if the user forgot to back up the system will do so without interference