50 Mall

Our goals for this project were to: Provide surveillance cameras (both fixed and PTZ, )that were fully controllable on site. Provide protection for the site's private networks with integrated solutions. Provide the latest communication technologies, including simultaneous processing (both wired and wireless) Provide solutions for increasing poor and difficulty communication by installing Voice over IP technology. Provide protection and hardware system to monitor the entry and exit of staff within the site, increasing overall safety.  provide software solutions for managment and accounting. provide hardware equipment like (PC, Printer , Ink, Scanner, laptop, ......etc). provide and installation PA System. provide and installation intrusion system provide and installation firefighting System.   The team for this project is a variety of experts all specializing in different fields, including network engineers, telecommunications engineers, computer engineers, electrical engineers,Civil engineer , architect and technician workers. This staff was able to accomplish their objective by dividing into three parts, including a parts work team, a problem solving team, and a development team